There are over 7,300 parking spaces available on downtown Madison streets and in parking ramps. In 2016, event management made an increased effort to improve parking and exit strategies.

Once you park, walk towards the Monona Terrace and use the parking helixes to access the event zone on John Nolen Drive.

You can also access the event at street level at Broom and Blair streets.

Event management has worked with marked ramps to ensure an efficient exit plan.



Event attendees are also encouraged to ride their bikes to the event. Bike parking will be available under the Monona Terrace on both sides of the event zone, presented by and The Wisconsin State Journal. This area will be staffed with ushers to ensure bike safety as you enjoy the event.

***NOTE: The city bike path through the event zone will be closed from 4:00 – 11:00 PM. Bikers will NOT be able to ride their bikes on the path during this time. You must dismount your bike and walk it through the event zone. This will be enforced by Madison Police.